Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 2....

..... and I am already close to slacking haha. I did manage to get my picture this morning as soon as I got myself ready for the day. There wasn't much that went on today. We were going to church but of course, missed it. Just spent the day together before David left for a few days. Little miss attitude has taken up throwing everything when she doesn't get her way. it's getting old and mama doesn't like taking sippy cups to her face(she has good aim lol)! Oh!! and lovely husband he is, taught her how to give knuckles(fist bumps) in the face! I was fine with it because she didn't do it unless we told her to but then the little turd went to punch me yesterday when she was mad! Umm hello honey, we don't punch mommy. Speaking of Honey, that is what she has been calling my mom lately. It's pretty dang cute. Wow, I just keep rambling on! I need to go fold some laundry or something.

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